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I witnessed a…robbery? High-speed chase? Police taking down a felon? Let me explain

Imagine a two-way road - there’s a lot of cars headed toward the freeway in one lane, and the other is just about empty. okay, see my attachment. The little red box is us. That line is the robber’s path of travel. They sped around the corner booking about 80 and slammed into the car right behind us. As someone who was in a car accident last year, that didn’t phase me much. I thought it was rather cool that we saw a car chase like out of the movies - which, ironically enough, we were coming from after seeing Tower Heist - a movie about stealing a car.

Then they got out and tried to run, but the police was following them and boxed them in. The lady in the driver’s seat tried to make a run for it, but the police tackled her. Her accomplice was tackled by the driver who’s car they hit.

The lady’s face was covered in blood. I wonder if there had been a stakeout before, because about five cars were there in about thirty seconds afterward.

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