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Companies like to push the envelope with their ads. Sometimes the gamble works, sometimes it doesn’t, and sometimes, like in the case of a new advertising campaign from Nivea, the whole thing turns into a fiasco.

Nivea, a company that specializes in skin-care products, recently released a print ad that it has since pulled. How to best describe the ad? It shows an African American man preparing to toss a decapitated head (his own?) with an afro-style haircut. The ad copy reads: “Re-Civilize Yourself.” The underlying message seems to be that afros are not civilized.

I accidentally took the bolded part as a shortened version of African Americans and was like “Why are you calling us Afros?”

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    I think what they tried to say was being uncivilized was being unkempt and hairy. Maybe it was racist having a black guy...
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